Narara Valley High School

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Telephone02 4329 3780


At Narara Valley High School, we have implemented the use of YONDR pouches which provides the students with a phone-free positive learning environment. Students are required to pack and use their YONDR pouch every day.

If a student forgets their YONDR pouch, they can borrow a DP loan YONDR pouch from the front office. Please note, if a student damages their YONDR pouch, a damage and replacement fee applies. Please contact the school if this occurs.  

If parents need to contact students during the day, please contact the office on 4329 3780 and a message will be sent to the student.

Below is further information about how the YONDR pouch works and it's benefits. 

If your student would like to work with Yondr, or would like to submit artwork, please head over to the Student Art Program.