Narara Valley High School

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Rel. Head Teacher:  Michael Britt

Staff: Jackson Carroll, Brenda Gilmour, Jessica Grundy, Natalie MacLeod, Kate Martin and Micah Murray

The Teaching and Learning faculty (TAL) are committed to facilitating the learning of innovative and engaging programs that cater for the individual learning needs of Students.  We implement the delivery of Measuring Physical Sciences (MPS), Humanities, STEM, Big History and the Student Targeted Enrichment Program (STEP) for gifted and talented students.  Our Teaching and Learning programs are integrated curriculums designed for 21st Century learners which are focused on the development of critical and creative thinking skills.

Student Targeted Enrichment Program (STEP)

Narara Valley High School has a wealth of experience and shared commitment in delivering innovative gifted and talented curriculum. The Student Targeted Enrichment Program (STEP) is designed for academically advanced students who seek to be challenged, allowing them work consistently beyond their level of mastery alongside like minded peers.

STEP offers engaging learning experiences and a curriculum where students can extend themselves and explore concepts more deeply in an optimal environment. Project Based Learning tasks are incorporated throughout STEP. They are authentic, rich tasks which relate to real world problems and enable students to unpack thinking at a deeper level, encouraging justification of reason and thought.  STEP provides students with the flexibility and choice in what they learn, how they present their ideas and demonstrate skills and concepts.​ 

How to apply

If you wish to apply for a position in our STEP class, please head over to our Targeted Program page for further information.