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I am worried about my friend

I am worried about my friend ...

Helping friends out can be both rewarding and challenging. When friends are struggling with mental fitness, it is important for us to take a ‘first aid’ approach and remember that we do not have to take on the responsibility to fix problems. Good friends understand that they can listen and then should let a trusted adult know what is happening. 

We can recommend places to go for support (see below), but should not set ourselves up as experts – This can cause stress for us and prevents our friends from getting the appropriate support that they need.

Where to send our friends for support

At School:

  • Year Advisor
  • School Counsellor
  • Welfare Office
  • Teacher

In the community:

  • GP
  • Trusted parent/adult
  • Sports Coach

Clicking on the logo below, you can access support and information from organisations devoted to helping young people through difficult times. You can also talk to a trusted adult or teacher. 


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