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Targeted Programs

At Narara Valley High School, we currently have three Targeted Programs offered to gifted and talented students entering Year 7. 

Student Targeted Enrichment Program (STEP)

Narara Valley High School has a wealth of experience and shared commitment in delivering innovative gifted and talented curriculum. The Student Targeted Enrichment Program (STEP) is designed for academically advanced students who seek to be challenged, allowing them work consistently beyond their level of mastery alongside like minded peers.

STEP offers engaging learning experiences and a curriculum where students can extend themselves and explore concepts more deeply in an optimal environment. Project Based Learning tasks are incorporated throughout STEP. They are authentic, rich tasks which relate to real world problems and enable students to unpack thinking at a deeper level, encouraging justification of reason and thought.  STEP provides students with the flexibility and choice in what they learn, how they present their ideas and demonstrate skills and concepts.​ 

How to apply

If you wish to apply for a position in the 2023 STEP class please complete the following Google form:

2023 STEP Application Form - Online

2023 STEP Application Form - PDF 


Targeted Sports Program

Following the consistently high reputation and success of the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Department at Narara Valley High School, a Targeted Sports Program is offered for gifted and talented students entering Year 7.

There is a culture and a strong acceptance of Sport at Narara Valley High School by students, teachers and parents alike. Narara Valley High School continues to provide our students with numerous opportunities to develop and showcase their talents both at school and in the community.

The sports that will be catered for with specific and professional coaching are: Rugby League, Netball, Basketball, Soccer (football) and Touch Football.

NB: the running of these sports are dependant on numbers.

Students attend their regular lessons, however are withdrawn for Periods 1 & 2 every Tuesday for the TSP lessons. Each fortnight they will have access to specialist coaches and the PDHPE staff will utilise the other weeks to foster lifestyle fitness, nutrition and sporting skills in our students.

NB: There is a cost associated with TSP of $500 per year. This is to pay our coaches, cover the cost of excursions and resources for our students. Payment plans can be negotiated with administration staff.

How to apply

If you wish to apply for a position in the 2023 TSP program, please complete the following Google form:

TSP 2023 Application Form - Online

TSP 2023 Application Form - PDF

What to bring:

TSP students will need to ensure they are wearing sport specific clothing or their school PE uniform on the day of their trial.

Students are reminded to bring any safety equipment they usually wear, ie. mouth guards, shin pads, ankle guards, head gear etc.

Students will be met in the front office by student leaders who will escort them to the school hall to meet the teachers and coaches. Students are reminded to be dropped off by no later than 8.20am and pick up will be from 10.30am at the front of the school. 


CAPA Program

The Creative and Performing Arts Program at Narara Valley High School is a vibrant part of our school, offering experiences within and beyond the classroom. In each area of CAPA we aim to give students opportunities to develop their creative talents through Dance, Visual Arts, Music and Drama.

Historically students from the CAPA classes have gone on to perform in prestigious events such as Encore, Reprise, Central Vision, Call Back, YIPA, Showcase, CC Dance Festival, Talent Development Program, State Vocal camp, Operation Art, Art Express to name a few. Other students have recording contracts and many have achieved band 6 and 5 results in their HSC CAPA subjects. We are very proud of what many of these students have been able to achieve in their selected areas.

The program provides students with the opportunity to acquire life long skills, knowledge, understanding that are necessary for active engagement and enjoyment in the Creative and Performing Arts areas of their choice, while continuing to engage in all other areas of their school education.

The areas are Visual Arts, Dance, Drama and Music students can select vocals, instrumental, guitar, piano, and sound production.

The CAPA class students of Year 7 and 8 will do two one hour tutorials in their two chosen areas that are determined from the audition process. The CAPA class are given opportunities throughout the year to perform at regional and local community and performing Arts events as well as invited to participate in exhibitions and competitions.

NB: There is a cost associated with CAPA of $500 per year. This is to pay our tutors, cover the cost of excursions and resources for our students. Payment plans can be negotiated with administration staff.

How to apply

If you wish to apply for a position in the 2023 CAPA program, please complete the following Google form and upload your audition video:

DUE DATE: 27th APRIL 2022 (Term 2, Week 1)


2023 CAPA Application Form - Online

*Please note, with online applications a google account will need to be created if you do not already have one to upload the required attachments. 

2023 CAPA Application Form - PDF

NB: Placement into the Stage 4 CAPA class is also dependent on compliance with DoE and school enrollment policies.

Please feel free to contact our Head Teacher Creative Arts at school on (02) 4329 3780 or via email